How to Change Temporary SSS Number to Permanent

The temporary and permanent numbers are just the same 10-digit number that you’ll use in your lifetime.

Recently, the SSS issues temporary numbers to applicants who don’t submit their birth certificateOpens in a new tab.. If this is your case, it means your membership status is temporary.

A temporary SSS numberOpens in a new tab. can be used only for contribution payments and employee reporting by your employer. You can’t get a salary loan, UMID card, or any SSS benefit granted to permanent members.

how to change temporary sss number to permanent 1

To change your SSS number from temporary to permanent, fill out two copies of the Member Data Change Request formOpens in a new tab. (Put a checkmark in the box next to “UPDATING OF MEMBER RECORD STATUS from “Temporary” to “Permanent”).

Submit the accomplished forms together with a copy of your birth certificate or valid IDsOpens in a new tab.. The SSS needs these documents to verify your identity, particularly your name and birthdate.

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