Can I change the amount of SSS contribution I’m paying?

Yes. You may change your contribution amount or MSC as a voluntary, self-employed, or OFW member when your monthly income has increased or decreased.

You can do this for an unlimited number of times and number of salary brackets within a year, as long as you don’t go below the minimum MSC. No need to present proof of actual income to the SSS. This rule applies only to members below 55 years old.

Voluntary, self-employed, and OFW members aged 55 and above can increase their contribution only once in a year and increase by one salary bracket from their last recorded MSC.

Non-working spouse members can change the MSC based on 50% of their spouse’s current MSC. No need to submit proof of the spouse’s monthly income.

To change your contribution, just choose a different contribution amount when generating a PRN through your My.SSS account. Then click the Submit Request button and click the OK tab to get a new PRN.

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