Grab Discounts for Senior Citizens in the Philippines: A Quick Guide

Grab is a multi-national ride-hailing company that not only offers transportation but also food delivery and other services through its mobile app. Popular among all ages, Grab is now also being embraced by the senior citizens.

Considering that our seniors enjoy discounts when using different services, can they avail of the same 20% discount when using Grab? Read on to find out.

Is the 20% Discount on Transportation Applicable To Ride-Hailing Apps Like Grab and Angkas? How?

Yes, the law mandates a 20% discount on all domestic public transportation. Grab and Angkas being public transportation, they are thus covered.

If you are a senior citizen, Grab requires you to pre-register on their website before you can be entitled to the discount. You must upload a scanned copy of your senior citizen ID or a valid government ID showing your date of birth. The link to the registration form is here.

For Angkas, the process is the same. You can register and fill out the form here.

Can I Also Apply the 20% Discount on GrabFood and Similar Apps?

The law prescribes that the 20% discount also applies to food delivery. However, it only envisions a scenario where the order is taken via telephone.

During telephone orders, a senior citizen can give his or her senior citizen ID and so the discount is deducted from the total bill prior to delivery. However, in an app, the latter is not designed or configured in such a way that the 20% discount is deducted from the bill.

Likewise in Grab’s website, they specify that the 20% discount is not applicable to Grab food delivery.

The intent of the law is clear- to apply the discount to food delivery. Grab food and similar apps are food delivery, therefore, the discount should apply. Companies doing food deliveries via an app should be directed to configure their app to allow senior citizen discounts otherwise the intent of the law is defeated.

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