How To Update Dependents in PhilHealth Online

Do you want to update your PhilHealth membership and declare your parent, spouse, or child as a dependent? This guide will show you exactly how to do that, so your dependents can start reaping benefits from PhilHealth

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You may declare or update dependents to maximize your PhilHealth benefits fully. You may add them in the space provided in the PMRF form. Here’s how:

1. Fill Out the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF)

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Download the PhilHealth Member Registration Form and provide the following information in the space provided:

  • Your 12-digit PhilHealth identification number 
  • Purpose: Only select “Updating/Amendment” under “Purpose”
  • Full name and name of spouse if married
  • Date (MM/DD/Y) and Place of Birth (City/Municipality/Province/Country)
  • Sex (Male or Female)
  • Civil Status (Single/Married/Legally Separated/Annulled/Widow/er)
  • Citizenship (Filipino/Dual Citizen/Foreign National)
  • PhilSys ID Number (Optional) and TIN Number (Optional)
  • Permanent Home Address and Mailing Address
  • Contact Information (Home Number, Business Number, Mobile Number, Email Address)
  • PhilHealth Member Type
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Indicate your dependents in the Dependents section of the form. The table below presents those who are eligible as dependents. You also have to prepare a copy of the following documents to demonstrate your relationship with them.

Eligible DependentsDocuments
Spouse (If not yet registered)Marriage certificate
Children under 21 years old (Legitimate or illegitimate)Birth, or Baptismal Certificate
Legally adopted child under 21 years oldCourt decree of adoption
Stepchild under 21 years oldMarriage certificate of biological parents and step-parents
(with registry number)

Birth certificate of the child
Mentally or physically disabled child, 21 years old and aboveBirth certificate with registry number and a medical certificate stating the extent of disability
Foster childBirth certificate with registry number/Foundling certificate/Child profile Foster family care licensureFoster Placement Authority

2. Scan Supporting Documents and Prepare PMRF as a Digital or Scanned File

Once the PMRF has been completed, scan or take a picture of it, then save it as a JPG or PDF file. Use a scanner app like CamScanner if you don’t have a scanner (download from Google Play or the App Store).

Verify that both pages of the PMRF have been scanned or photographed and that all of the text is clear and legible.

Scan or snap a photo of any supporting documents you may have, such as a birth certificate or marriage license. Send PhilHealth a copy of your current ID so they can confirm your identity.

3. Email Your PMRF to the Local PhilHealth Office

Once your PMRF, supporting documents, and valid ID are scanned or photographed, email it to the PhilHealth local office  together with a scanned copy or photo of any valid ID with the subject “Updating Member Information.”

You may indicate in your email what type of updates you are requesting from them. 

4. Wait for PhilHealth To Update Your Records

The only thing left to do is wait for PhilHealth to acknowledge receiving your email. The processor will then receive your request and update your records.

Following the date of acknowledgment, processing typically takes two to three working days. PhilHealth may request further supporting documentation or identification verification at this time.

Upon successfully updating your MDR, PhilHealth will send you another email. After three working days have passed with no information from PhilHealth, you can phone your neighborhood PhilHealth office to find out how things stand with your update request.

5. Verify Your Updated PhilHealth MDR Online

Confirm if your data have been updated by seeing your updated PhilHealth MDR online. To view, download, or print your MDR if you have a PhilHealth online account, simply log in and select “Print MDR” from the member portal.

If you don’t hear back from them via email for quite some time even after follow-up, you may need to personally submit your PMRF and supporting documents to your nearest PhilHealth office. 

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