How To Update PhilHealth MDR (Member Data Record)

To update or correct your PhilHealth membership data, fill out the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF). Make sure to put a checkmark in the “For Updating” box and provide accurate information. 

Submit the accomplished PMRF to the nearest PhilHealth office. OFWs who are currently abroad may email theirs to [email protected]

Depending on the kind of information you’re updating, you may be required to submit certain documents to prove the necessary change. 

After submitting your PMRF and supporting documents, the officer will validate your information and encode it into the PhilHealth database. You’ll be issued an updated MDR and PhilHealth ID.

If you’re changing to a voluntary member, your membership category in the PhilHealth records will be updated only after paying a contribution as a voluntary member for the first time. 

Likewise, if you’re changing to a formal economy member, your membership category will change after your employer has reported you to PhilHealth as a new employee and remitted your contribution.

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