What is the best and cheapest way to remit/send money to your Pag-IBIG MP2 account?

Each Pag-IBIG contribution payment channel has its advantages and disadvantages. The best option is one that allows you to pay for your MP2 contributions the most convenient and cheapest way possible.

MP2 Payment ChannelsProsCons
Salary deduction*Doesn’t require any effort
*No missed payments
Available to employees only
Over-the-counter at Pag-IBIG Fund branch*Real-time payment posting
*No service fee
*Long queues and waiting times (30 minutes to an hour, excluding transaction time)
*May spend on transport fareVirtual Pag-IBIG*Convenient payment mode via credit card or PayMaya
*Pay anytime, anywhere
*Save on transport fare
Convenience fee of 1.75% (at least Php 8.75 per Php 500 minimum MP2 contribution)
Pag-IBIG Fund-accredited collecting partner*Accessible location
*Save on transport fare
*Payment posting takes 2-3 days (or several months)
*Some collecting partners charge a service fee per transaction:
GCash – Php 5
Bayad Center/ECPay/M Lhuillier – Php 15
Moneygment – Php 25 (local) / Php 50 (OFW)

Based on their pros and cons, the salary deduction method is the best way to remit to an MP2 account.

For self-employed Pag-IBIG members, the optimal way to make MP2 payments is through an accredited collecting partner that either doesn’t have a service fee (like SM Business Centers and Coins.ph) or charges a minimal fee like GCash.

However, if you want a hassle-free way to pay your MP2 contributions, use the Virtual Pag-IBIG facility. This is ideal if you’re remitting minimal savings like Php 500 to Php 1,000 (for a minimal convenience fee).

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