What should I do if I’m unable to register my SSS account online?

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Check the email from the SSS that states the reason/s for your unsuccessful registration.

For example, if the name and/or birthdate you provided doesn’t match your SSS records, repeat the  SSS online registrationOpens in a new tab. steps and input your correct info this time.

Try using another registration option, too. For example, if you used Mobile Number to register at My.SSS, you may choose another option, like UMID CardOpens in a new tab. or any other available information.

If these suggestions don’t work, contact the SSS Member Electronic Services Department at (02) 920-6401 local 5971 / 5966 / 6449 / 5240 / 6092 / 5968.

Or send an email to [email protected] with the following:

  • Details of the concern/request
  • Complete name
  • 10-digit SSS numberOpens in a new tab.
  • Clear screenshot of the error message
  • Image of your UMID card or any valid ID

If you can’t get through the line or don’t get an email reply, follow up by posting a comment on the SSS Facebook pageOpens in a new tab.. In your post, mention the date the email request was sent and your email address. SSS Facebook admins usually respond within an hour or a day.

As your last resort, visit the nearest SSS branch to ask for online registration assistance.

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