Can I Pay My PhilHealth Contributions in Advance?

It depends on your membership type. For example, employed members in the private and government sector cannot have their PhilHealth premiums deducted from their salary in advance. If you belong to any of the following types of PhilHealth members (see table below), you can pay your contribution in advance to ensure your continuous health insurance coverage.

PhilHealth Membership TypeMaximum Period for PhilHealth Contribution Advance Payment
OFW1Equivalent to the number of years stated in the employment contract
Filipino with dual citizenship2Two consecutive years
Kasambahay3Two calendar years
Voluntary members/Self-employed individuals/FreelancersThree calendar years (36 months)

When making advance payment for your PhilHealth contribution, make sure to indicate the correct period you’re paying for so that your payment will be posted properly in PhilHealth’s records.

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