When should I stop paying SSS contribution?

You can stop paying contributions after you make a final SSS benefit claim for total disability or retirement.

Although you only need a minimum of 120 monthly contributions to qualify for a retirement pension, it doesn’t mean you should stop paying contributions once you reach this amount. If you do this, you will only get a small amount of monthly pension and will not be qualified to avail of SSS benefits and loans.

You can file for optional retirement when you’re 60 years old and unemployed. If you’re 65 or older and still working (or not), you’ll qualify for technical retirement and won’t need to pay SSS contribution.

However, voluntary members may continue paying the contribution in their retirement years. To increase their retirement benefits, voluntary members aged 60 to 65 with at least 120 posted monthly contributions may still pay until age 65.

Voluntary members aged 65 and above with less than 120 posted monthly contributions may continue paying contributions until they reach the 120-monthly contribution requirement to qualify for monthly pension.

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