How To Get Married in a Church Wedding After Having a Civil Wedding

Even if you already had a civil marriage, all the requirements of a church wedding, except for CENOMAR and marriage license, will still apply to you.

Instead of the two documents mentioned, you’ll submit your marriage certificate since you already got married in civil rites. Our law dictates that whichever took place first, whether it’s a civil wedding or a church wedding, will determine the couple’s official date of marriage.

If you got married abroad, you have to submit your PSA-registered foreign marriage certificate with English translation, if applicable.

Here’s a quick guide to planning a church wedding even if you’re already married in a civil ceremony:

  1. Submit the baptismal and confirmation certificates of both parties at least 3 months before the wedding or upon application (in some churches).
  2. Submit your marriage certificate issued by the PSA. You don’t need to submit a marriage license since you’re already married civilly, but it’s best to still check with your respective parishes.
  3. Both parties must attend a canonical interview at least two months before the church wedding. You’ll be given an interview schedule after paying the reservation fee when you submit your application.
  4. After the canonical interview, you’ll be given a seminar schedule. Both parties have to attend a Pre-Marriage Seminar since it’s one of the requirements to hold a church wedding.
  5. During the canonical interview, both parties will be given a form for the wedding banns. These will be brought to the couple’s respective churches and will be returned after announcing them for three consecutive Sundays.
  6. Submit your birth certificates. CENOMAR is no longer needed if you’re already married civilly but it’s best to still check with your respective parishes. If one of you is a widow/widower, the Death Certificate of the previous spouse must be submitted.
  7. Provide the names of your sponsors (ninongs or ninangs). Most churches have a minimum of 1 pair and a maximum of 12 pairs of sponsors.
  8. Finally, your respective parish might require you and your partner to go to confession at least a week before the wedding.

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