When can you take the civil service exam?

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For the Paper and Pencil test (CSC-PPT), the Civil Service Commission conducts examinations twice a year, usually in March and  August.

The Civil Service Commission Regional and Field Offices start accepting and processing applications a few months before the examination.

For example, applications for the March exam are accepted from November of the previous year up to the last day of January. Meanwhile, those who prefer to take the August civil service exam must file their applications any time between May and June.

In both schedules, there’s a limit to how many applicants can take the exam. In other words, applications are processed on a first come, first served basis, proving the importance of filing your applications early.

Take note that these schedules may change without prior notice. To be aware of the latest civil service exam schedules, you can follow CSC either through its website or official Facebook page.

The computerized examination (CSC-COMEX), on the other hand, is administered by CSC through its Central Office or any of its several Regional Offices.

In its Central Office, the COMEX-professional level exam is conducted several days throughout the months of February, April, May, and June. Schedule of the sub-professional exam is only limited to two days. 

The CSC Regional Offices use almost the same schedules for the professional-level exam. The Sub-professional exam, in contrast, is only scheduled for one day.

Again, these schedules are subject to changes.

To view the latest COMEX schedules and reserve a slot to your preferred exam date, please visit the official CSC-COMEX “Examination Schedule” page.

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