I’m a Catholic but My Partner Is Not. Can We Still Get Married in a Catholic Church?


The Catholic church in the Philippines is open to mixed marriages/interfaith marriages/mixed-faith marriages.

And contrary to popular belief, non-Catholics aren’t required to get baptized before getting married in a Roman Catholic church.

Couples with different religious beliefs can still get married in a Catholic church, provided that one of them is a Catholic and that they comply with the requirements requested by the church.

These requirements vary depending on religion.

A mixed marriage is one between a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian (e.g., Methodist, Baptist, Seventh-day Adventist, etc.).

A disparity of cult, on the other hand, is a marriage between a Catholic and non-Christian (e.g., Hindu, Buddhist, etc.).

Please ask the church where you’re planning to tie the knot regarding the requirements and guidelines set for these types of marriages.

If you’re a non-Catholic Christian, for example, the church can grant you the freedom to marry by getting a clearance from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Archbishop’s Office, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila.

The said clearance can be obtained by submitting a Letter of Approval from the pastor or minister of your non-Catholic sect which will state that you’re qualified to get married and there’s no legal impediment preventing you to do so.

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