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235 thoughts on “How to Renew NBI Clearance Online the Fastest and Easiest Way

  1. Is there anyone here who have successfully received their NBI thru quick-renewal? Hindi kasi nasusunod yung online appointment nila. I went to north mall, caloocan at 11am for my 12nn appointment and said ubos na yung number. Hindi na daw sinusunuod yung online appointment. nagpapa walk-in ata sila, not sure.

    I’m having issue with the delivery address, my correct barangay is not showing on the drop down. Any advise?

  2. I’ve used the NBI Clearance Online Renewal service and chose to have it delivered door-to-door. Paid for 207.00 Pesos via GCash. Let’s see how long it will take to receive it. I’ll get back to this blog to give an update.

    1. Hi Mia! Were you able to receive your NBI clearance? Wondering how long the door-to-door delivery may take

  3. Hi! Good Day! I have a concern regarding the transaction of NBI renewal. I already paid thru online, but the transaction in my account is not reflecting. I think I made a mistake online because I didn’t sign in first before I click the NBI ONLINE RENEWAL, I didn’t register first. Im already paid, but I’m still worried.

    1. You don’t need to sign in first to use the online quick renewal. I think it will not reflect your account since you’re using the quick renewal. For further assistance, please call the NBI Clearance Help Desk any time between 6 AM and 6 PM. Here are their cell phone numbers:

      09179999421 (Globe)
      09204129999 (Smart)

      1. I’ve been txting both numbers. Also sent them a message via messenger but no one’s responding. Tried calling but both numbers are either busy or can not be reached. so frustrating. already paid, got the SMS confirmation that they successfully processed my payments but my request is also not showing online. getting worried as they sent another SMS the following day advising no payment was received yet.

    2. Hi Lorlyn. Were you able to receive the clearance? I have the same issue. getting really worried as well.

  4. I had the quick renewal last December 26, 2020. I have every transaction paid(NBI and Delivery). I’m worrying until now the document has not been delivered, I have no way to follow up my NBI renewal delivery, what can i do?

    1. Have you tried calling the number presented above? The delay may have something to do with the fact that you applied during the holiday season.

  5. The quick online renewal is only for applicants from Metro Manila. I discovered this when I filled out the form for the delivery details and the province drop down list only included the districts in Metro Manila, and none for other areas.

  6. My NBI clearance was issued in 2015, but the NBI website says that I am not qualified for Quick Renewal. What could be the possible reasons?

    1. Valid NBI clearances for quick renewal are from October 2016 to present. Which indicates that your 2015 nbi clearance is surely invalid.

      1. Mine was issued last 2017, and same error pops up for me as well ..

        [0] Sorry, you do not qualified from an online renewal service. Please proceed to the nearest NBI Clearance Center.

  7. I have a question, I was able to pay for the quick renewal. If I didn’t receive my clearance in 5-10 days, can I schedule an appointment and go to an NBI branch?

  8. Hi can i renew my old NBI outside Philippines in Australia living here po noon pa 2014 nag renew po ako noon uwe ako last 20215, now for some reason kailangan kona po mag renew, dito po ako Queensland Astralia anu po kailangan ko gawin para po ako maka renew.nag try na din ako online pero sabi need ko punta nga consulate loockdown pa man paanu ako maka travel? Please email me the answer. [email protected] Thank you po Michelle

    1. You should read this article instead:

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