My documents were authenticated with red ribbon before the “Apostillization” took effect. Can I still use them?

Assuming that the documents with red ribbon are still valid, there’s no need for you to obtain new documents and simply use what you already have.

According to DFA, there are two ways you can still use the authenticated document/s with red ribbon:

  1. If the said document has been legalized by an Embassy or Consulate or if it will be sent to a country that is not a signatory or a State Party to the Apostille Convention, then the said document should still be valid.
  2. If the document will be sent to or used in a country that is included on the list of Apostille-contracting countries, then you’ll be required to apply for an Apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs. However, assuming again that the documents with red ribbon are still valid, they may no longer require you to start over again and obtain a new set of documents. Instead, DFA will simply “Apostillize” these old “red-ribbon”-ed documents.

If you have other questions regarding this matter, you may contact the Authentication Division of DFA at 834-4000 loc. 2106/2266.

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