Can I Study Medicine in the Philippines if I’m a Foreigner?

Save for the University of the Philippines, there are medical schools in the Philippines that accept foreign applicants. In fact, there are NMAT testing centers in the U.S. for those interested in pursuing their medical education in the Philippines.

Depending on the school, you may be required to take NMAT, MCAT, or both. MCAT is a little bit harder although the subjects included are similar to those in the second part of NMAT.

One caveat though: Foreigners are usually charged an exuberant “foreigner” fee on top of the tuition fee. Especially if one or both of your parents are Filipino, I recommend applying for dual citizenship so you can avoid getting charged the said fee.

For more information on how to study Medicine in the Philippines as a foreigner or an international student, please go to this link.

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