6 Things Filipino Couples Should Do After Getting Married

The work doesn’t end once the wedding ceremony’s over. Here’s a short but detailed post-wedding checklist to help you smoothly accomplish every single to-do as newlyweds:

1. Send thank-you notes to family and friends who made sure to be present on your wedding day. Express gratitude for the nice and thoughtful gifts that you have received.

2. Go on your honeymoon. Choose a destination that you both like and fits right within your budget. Take this time to enjoy being married before getting started on the long list of tasks to accomplish as newlyweds.

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3. Sort your wedding photos and gifts from guests. Once you have received the official photos from your photographer, choose the ones that you want to include in your wedding album and video. When it comes to sorting gifts, you have to do this as early as possible so you can exchange or return duplicate items.

4. Get your marriage certificate. You can request it online or obtain it from your town or city hall.

5. Update your civil status and change your last name (for females). These are some of the legal documents and valid IDs that you need to update after getting married:

6. Talk about your finances as a married couple. You can talk about your financial set-up at home, how you will save money together as well as future business ventures and investments.

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