Who can take civil service exam?

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According to the Civil Service Commission, interested applicants must meet the following qualification requirements before being allowed to take the exam:

a. Filipino citizen.

b. At least 18 years old (on the date of filing of the application).

c. With good moral character.

He/she has not been convicted by final judgment of crimes related to drug addiction, drunkenness, dishonesty, moral turpitude, and/or examination irregularity.

Applicants with pending criminal or administrative cases may still take the exam and can be conferred civil service eligibility if passed.

However, once proven guilty, the eligibility can be forfeited as part of the penalties indicated in the decision of existing Civil Service Law.

d. If the applicant previously worked in the government, he/she has not been dishonorably discharged or dismissed from military service or civilian position.

e. Has not taken the civil service exam, whether through the pencil and paper test or computerized examination, within the last three months before the examination date.

f. Filipinos with dual citizenship may also apply and take the civil service exam if they present and submit the copy of the Certification of Retention/Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship from the Bureau of Immigration.

The Civil Service Commission strictly complies with its rules.

If in case the application has already been processed and grounds for disqualification is discovered later on, the applicant will be prohibited from taking the exam and the fees paid shall be forfeited.

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