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33 thoughts on “How To Apply for BDO Credit Card: A 7-Step Guide to Getting Approved

  1. I paid my bill December 2, 2019 (bdo shope more) then I used it the following day sa Starbucks but it’s declined..what’s seems to be the problem? I pay my bill right before the due date.

    1. You should check if your payment was already posted because it usually takes 1-2 business days to process a bill payment.

  2. After submitting requirements, bdo contacted me and asked me to listen to terms and conditions and agreed to it right after. Then, exactly after 15 business days BDO called me for verification of my email add and birthday. Now I didn’t hear any update yet but the status online is “unknown” when I checked today. What does that mean? I have previous card with them and we paid off the bal. It’s already closed and expired without any outstanding balance. Is unknown status declined or approved?

    1. It’s best to call BDO’s hotline and inquire about the status of your credit card application.

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  4. I applied for a credit card last week and was called by a representative last thursday. I am trying to track my credit card status using my SSS and TIN thru bdo online but no record found. Ano po ibig sabihin?

  5. paano po pag 20 years old plang wpede po bang kumuha ng bdo card ,pero nagtatrabaho na ..

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