How to Earn Money from Facebook: Guide for Filipinos

Last Updated on 07/24/2020 by FilipiKnow

Facebook is one of the most business-friendly social networks. Like YouTube, it offers an array of monetization tools that enable content creators to make money directly on this platform.

To generate revenue from the world’s largest social network, you should first create a Facebook page. Then grow your fanbase by posting content that your followers would want to read, watch, and share. 

Once you’ve built an active, loyal community on your page, start monetizing your content on Facebook. You have to meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify. Also, you must comply with Facebook’s policies to stay eligible for monetization.

Here are three ways Filipino content creators can earn money directly on Facebook:

1. In-stream ads in videos.

You can qualify for this monetization feature if your Facebook page has at least 10,000 followers and at least 30,000 one-minute views on three-minute videos (or longer). 

Facebook pays a percentage of the revenue earned from showing short ads in your videos to your viewers. Your earnings depend on the advertiser and the number of views. 

Video ads may play before, during, or after your video. An image ad may also appear under your video.


2. Branded content.

Through a tool called Brand Collabs Manager, Facebook makes it easy for content creators to connect with brands that their audience would find interesting. 

To use this monetization feature, you have to request access to Facebook’s branded content tool. Once you’re given access, you can publish branded content and tag the Facebook page of a business partner or sponsor in your post.


3. Fan subscriptions.

You can offer exclusive bonus content and merchandise discounts to your most loyal fans who are willing to pay a fixed monthly price for the special perks. Facebook pays content creators 70% of the earnings from subscribers, net of taxes and fees.

This Facebook monetization feature is available by invitation only. Once you’re invited, you’ll have to apply for approval. Still, fan subscriptions are a great way to boost your income from Facebook.

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