How to Earn Extra Money Online While Working as OFW

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If your overseas income is still not enough to provide for your family in the Philippines, there are several ways you can earn income on the side.

Money-making opportunities most suitable for OFWs are those that give the flexibility to choose when and how much you’d like to work. Here are some of them:

1. Vlogging.

A lot of OFWs are on YouTube as viewers or content creators. Vlogging won’t just earn you money but also help you cope with loneliness. 

There are so many interesting and useful topics to cover as an OFW vlogger. With fellow OFWs as your main audience, educate them about securing important documents, like OEC application and passport renewal. For first-time OFWs, share your tips and tricks for adjusting to a new life abroad.

Your YouTube channel may even cater to non-OFWs. You may vlog about your day-to-day life as an overseas worker, debunk common myths about working abroad, and feature interesting dishes and places in your country of employment.

Some Pinoy YouTubers abroad also make good money from entertaining people. If you have talent in singing, dancing, or comedy, you can definitely showcase it through your YouTube channel.


2. Blogging.

Got great stories to share but you’re camera shy? Starting a blog about your OFW life is a good alternative to vlogging.

You don’t have to be a good writer to become a blogger. You just need to be able to tell your story in a way that your readers can easily relate to. Write in a language you’re comfortable with, be it English, Filipino, or Taglish.

Of course, it would be great to post high-quality photos to complement your wonderful stories in your blog posts.


3. Online selling.

There might be products in the country where you’re working that are not available in the Philippines. Filipino buyers could be interested in imported goods like food products, cosmetics, clothes, and bags. 

You can sell them through your own online store or through e-commerce platforms in the Philippines that accept overseas sellers from certain countries, such as Lazada and Shopee.

Alternatively, sell online to your fellow kababayans working in your host country. A great online business idea is selling home-cooked Pinoy dishes—OFWs who miss them or are celebrating special occasions will surely buy from you.


4. Online English teaching.

Filipinos are known worldwide for their English speaking skills. When it comes to online ESL teaching jobs for Filipinos, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re based in the Philippines or abroad.

As long as you’re fluent in English, you can become an online ESL teacher and earn money helping students improve their conversational English.

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