How To Earn Money Online as a Student in the Philippines: An Ultimate Guide

earn money online philippines student

An online job or business that helps you gain skills and experience for your future career is the best way to earn cash as a college or high school student. You have many options for earning income, whether it’s for your tuition or for helping your parents pay for household expenses.


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Freelance Jobs for Students

Freelancing is the most ideal for students in the Philippines. Go for a part-time freelance job that fits your schedule and allows you to learn skills related to your course or academic track. When you graduate and start looking for jobs, you can add your freelance work experience to your resume.

Here are some freelance gigs suitable for students that typically don’t require a college diploma and work experience:

  • Micro jobs – Allow students to do various small tasks for different clients online; great for enhancing different skill sets such as writing, video editing, graphic design, etc.
  • Bookkeeping – if you’re  an accounting student, you can offer bookkeeping services to some small businesses. It is also an advantage if you have an NC3 assessment certification.
  • Content writing – Ideal for students taking communication, English, or marketing courses; helps students develop their research, writing, and editing skills.
  • ESL teaching – The best online job for most college students; develops communication and interpersonal skills. Acadsoc, Engoo, or 51talk are some ESL job sites where you can teach students from different countries. They also allow flexible working schedules so you can continue studying while teaching on the side.
  • Online tutoring – Best for students taking education, science, or math courses; develops communication skills.
  • Data entry/Copy typing/Online transcription – Improves typing speed and accuracy, as well as attention to detail. Tasks include transcribing audio files into text or adding subtitles and captions to a video. For transcription jobs, good command of English grammar and usage are required as well as the accuracy of every word transcripted. Some of the most reliable transcription job sites are GoTranscript and HappyScribe.
  • Translation – Perfect for students taking linguistics or other language courses. With this job, you have to translate materials such as books, applications or softwares, articles, subtitles, and videos into a specific language. 
  • Virtual assistant jobs – Good for honing communication, organizational, research, and email/social media management skills. Some things you have to perform are: organizing email communications, managing contact lists and calendar, providing administrative support, scheduling appointments, and preparing presentations.
  • Taking online surveys – Ideal for young adults who want their opinions to be heard (Students easily qualify for surveys because companies are interested in the opinions of Gen Z consumers).
  • Watching videos or reading newsMobile apps such as Buzzbreak allows you to earn by watching some ads or reading news.
  • Graphic/Web design – Good starting point for students who want to pursue a career in the field of arts and creatives. Recommended for students who have the passion for creating logos, posters, infographics, publicity materials, magazine covers, website homepage, product brochures, and so on. 
  • Website and app testing – Ideal for IT and computer programming students who want to build a career in web development or UX design.
  • Video editing – Great way for film and multimedia arts students to be exposed to how media production works; develops attention to detail and storytelling skills.
  • Sharing ideas with businesses – Best for students of business and marketing courses; develops problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills.
  • Voice actingif you can provide voice over in English or other languages, you can try looking for voice-over jobs through online job marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork.

Business Ideas for Students.

Want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future? Why wait when you can start selling online while you’re still young? If you’ve saved money enough to start a small online store, go for it! 

You can resell products on different online marketplaces, or create your own products (e.g., food, T-shirt printing, accessories, etc.). 

If you don’t have the capital yet for starting an online business, a great way to raise funds is to sell your old or unused stuff at home

Find more business ideas for students here: An Ultimate Guide to the Best Business Ideas in the Philippines


More Ways To Earn Money as a Student in the Philippines.

1. Open for art commissions.

If you’re good with painting or drawing, you can ask for commissions on different online platforms. You can post on Facebook groups that you are open for commission and build an Instagram account where you collate your artworks. Some students are also using Twitter and Reddit to promote their art. 

Art commissions are not only limited to traditional sketching, drawing, or painting, you can also explore vector art, calligraphy, digital painting, and digital portraits. It is advisable that you build your own “style” so that you can stand out from other artists.

2. Apply as a remote customer service representative.

There are some BPO companies that accept students to join their part-time voice or non-voice accounts. Although these companies are few and far between, you may try your luck by searching for them on different online job sites. This job entails receiving customer queries or concerns and addressing them accordingly. 

3. Explore content creation, vlogging or live streaming.

If you love making videos and have lots of creative juices to offer for a group of audiences, you can also consider being a YouTube content creator or a vlogger. Some students take advantage of their hobbies or interests such as gaming, cooking, music, or art and build content around them. A word of caution: Although online content creation or vlogging seems to be a lucrative side hustle, it is quite difficult to maintain high-quality videos in the long run without it interfering with your studies.

You can also consider live streaming where you simultaneously interact with your audience and broadcast your online activity. One of the most popular live-streamed content on the internet is video games. A lot of people already earn by live-streaming on various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch. Widely popular games such as Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and Valorant are heavily supported in the country. 

On the other hand, if you are not into creating your own vlogs or live streaming, you can try looking for some clients in different online job sites that are looking for people who can assist them in researching or writing their scripts for their content.

4. Provide spreadsheet assistance to clients.

This is recommended for those who are taking business or accounting courses. You can help clients with their spreadsheet problems if you’re knowledgeable with common Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, SUMIF, and functions for financial and statistical purposes. Got It Excelchat is one of the popular sites where you can find Excel-related remote jobs. They also provide free training for the aspirants. 

5. Play “play-to-earn” games.

If you’re into gaming, you can also try playing NFT games or play-to-earn games for people who don’t have time to play. For instance, the blockchain-based game Axie Infinity has enjoyed massive popularity for giving students the opportunity to earn money as an Axie scholar or by partnering with people who have invested in the game.

GCash also offers GOAMA games which provide students an opportunity to earn money through competitive gaming. Although you have to pay Php 10 or higher to be able to participate in a certain game tournament, the chances of earning money increase as you climb to the top of the game leaderboards. 

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