How to Earn Money as a High School or College Student in the Philippines

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An online job or business that helps you gain skills and experience for your future career is the best way to earn cash as a college or high school student. You have many options for earning income, whether it’s for your tuition or for helping your parents pay for household expenses.

Freelancing is the most ideal for students in the Philippines. Go for a part-time freelance job that fits around your schedule and allows you to learn skills related to your course or academic track. When you graduate and start looking for jobs, you can add your freelance work experience to your resume.

Here are some freelance gigs suitable for students that typically don’t require a college diploma and work experience:

  • Micro jobs – Allow students to do various small tasks for different clients online; great for enhancing different skill sets such as writing, video editing, graphic design, etc.
  • Content writing – Ideal for students taking communication, English, or marketing courses; helps students develop their research, writing, and editing skills
  • ESL teaching – The best online job for most college students; develops communication and interpersonal skills
  • Online tutoring – Best for students taking education, science, or math courses; develops communication skills
  • Data entry/Copy typing/Online transcription – Improves typing speed and accuracy, as well as attention to detail
  • Translation – Perfect for students taking linguistics or other language courses
  • Virtual assistant jobs – Good for honing communication, organizational, research, and email/social media management skills
  • Taking online surveys – Ideal for young adults who want their opinions to be heard (Students easily qualify for surveys because companies are interested in the opinions of Gen Z consumers.)
  • Graphic/Web design – Good starting point for students who want to pursue a career in the field of arts and creatives
  • Website and app testing – Ideal for IT and computer programming students who want to build a career in web development or UX design
  • Video editing – Great way for film and multimedia arts students to be exposed to how media production works; develops attention to detail and storytelling skills
  • Sharing ideas with businesses – Best for students of business and marketing courses; develops problem-solving and strategic-thinking skills

Want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future? Why wait when you can start selling online while you’re still young? If you’ve saved money enough to start a small online store, go for it! 

You can resell products on different online marketplaces, or create your own products (e.g., food, T-shirt printing, accessories, etc.). 

If you don’t have the capital yet for starting an online business, a great way to raise funds is to sell your old or unused stuff at home

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