What skills should I learn to make money online?

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Choose profitable, in-demand skills you can acquire quickly on your own (either for free or at a minimal cost) and start making money from.

Many skills can be self-taught online. Watch tutorials on YouTube, attend online courses (on websites like Coursera, Udemy, SkillShare, and edX), read educational resources, and interact with peers and experts in online communities.

Whether you need a new skill to start a career or enhance your existing job’s income potential, here are the best skills to learn to make money online:

1. Copywriting.

If you can express yourself clearly in English through writing, then learning the essentials of web copywriting will be a breeze. 

Even college students and graduates of non-communication courses (like engineering, IT, fine arts, etc.) can become excellent copywriters with training and constant practice.

Writing a compelling copy is a highly sought-after skill not just in copywriters and content marketers but also in social media specialists, digital strategists, and other marketing jobs. 


2. Social media marketing.

Learning how to use different social media channels for brand promotion is a must-have skill for aspiring digital marketers, virtual assistants, entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, and vloggers.

Social media is also an important tool for personal branding. If you know how to promote yourself through social networks, you can leverage that to gain more clients.


3. Search engine optimization (SEO).

Teaching yourself how to optimize websites for search engines opens up several money-making opportunities for you aside from being a home-based SEO specialist. 

Basic SEO knowledge is a crucial skill to have in other fields of digital marketing, such as copywriting, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. 

If you’re running an online store, your SEO skills can help make your business more visible to potential customers and driving more visitors to your website.


4. Graphic design.

Studying the art of creating visual content is worth your time even if you’re not planning to become a graphic designer. If you’re a blogger, for instance, you can make your blog look more appealing with your Photoshop skills. If you’re publishing ebooks, you need a great design for your cover. 


5. Video editing.

Editing videos is a crucial skill not just for professional video editors but also for vloggers, influencers, and animators. To learn this skill, study how to use video editing software like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Lightworks.

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