Can students get a BPI savings account? Does BPI accept school ID?

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In fact, the bank offers a savings account—BPI Jumpstart Savings—for elementary and high school students aged 10 to 17.

College students can avail of a savings account that’s easy on the budget: BPI Kaya Savings with a required initial deposit of only Php 200 and no maintaining balance.

BPI charges a Php 5 debit fee for every ATM withdrawal or cashless transaction using the ATM card. For every over-the-counter withdrawal, a Php 100 is charged on top of the debit fee. Such features make Kaya Savings ideal for students who want to start saving money.

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Another BPI account worth considering is BPI Direct’s Express Teller Savings. You can open an account for only Php 500. It also has a low maintaining balance of Php 500. This is the best option for college students who need a bank account for receiving their school allowance.

For student-applicants, BPI accepts school ID, as long as it has the principal’s or head of school’s signature.

The bank also requires students to provide their contact number when opening an account.

Students below 18 years old need to be accompanied by a guardian during account opening.

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