How Long Is the Hiring Process for Government Jobs in the Philippines?

Because the government follows a stringent process of hiring employees (not to mention the bureaucracy factor), it usually takes a long time for a candidate to get hired.

Be prepared to wait around two to as long as six months from filing your application to receiving your appointment papers.

This is in stark contrast with private companies. In the BPO sector, hiring decisions are made in as fast as within the day of application up to a few weeks after. In larger multinational companies, job seekers wait around only one to two months for a job offer.

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But the advantage that government job applicants have over those in private companies is that they only have one point person (the HR admin officer) to contact for follow-ups regarding their application status.

When you apply in a private company with multiple departments, you might get the runaround trying to find the right person to ask about whether you’re rejected or advancing to the next step of the hiring process.

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