How to Apply for NBI Clearance if You Have No Middle Name

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Middle names are supposed to distinguish us from others who may have the same given name and surname.

In an ideal scenario, the middle name and surname serve to identify our maternal and paternal lineage, respectively.

However, when a child was born out of wedlock and there’s no father around to sign on the birth certificate, the middle name is usually dropped.

A person with no middle name can go through life and even get vital government-issued IDs without providing a middle name.

After all, you can simply leave the part where it’s asking for a middle name blank when accomplishing application forms.

But not with NBI Clearance online application. 

Neither can you leave the box dedicated for the middle name blank as the system won’t allow you to proceed nor use your mother’s middle name as it will result in you being mistaken as her sibling.

Neither a hyphen nor NA (Not Applicable) is acceptable. So what are you supposed to do?

According to the NBI representative I talked to over the phone, applicants with no middle name can simply put MNU (capital letters with no spaces) in the field. 

This way, the application portal will let you proceed with the process and schedule an appointment with the NBI.

Just don’t forget to bring your birth certificate (showing that you indeed lack a middle name) as a supporting document on the day of your appointment.

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