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146 thoughts on “How To Get Korean Visa in the Philippines: A Complete Guide for First-Time Visitors

    1. Yes. Payroll bank accounts actually have an advantage because they have consistent deposits every 15 days. If you don’t keep money in your payroll account, then you can transfer it to your personal account. Submit whichever has a higher amount.

  1. Hello. Sorry if the question seems dumb but do we have to fill out the form in black font color or red?

    1. You should use black font. The red font used in the screenshots is for emphasis only.

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  3. when hospital i can get a medical certificate?
    im applying for spouse visa.. medical certificate is the only one requirments i dont have.

    1. This article is for South Korean Tourist Visa applications only so your concern is out of the scope of this article. But I checked the Spouse Visa requirements and it seems like you can get your medical certificate from any hospital as long as the specified Medical Certificate format will be followed.

  4. May i ask ung frend ko kc ng korea dati about 25 years n ngwork cia dun e 2 years lng then umuwe cia kc my amnesty..businesman n cia it possible n makuha ulit cia ng visa together with a family member?

    1. It depends on the terms and conditions included in the amnesty. In 2016, illegal OFWs were offered amnesty with re-entry ban exemption which means they can apply for a Korean Visa again.

  5. Hi. Any same experience or advice? My korea visa was denied last Jan.6,2020 and as I prepared plan B, I booked a ticket to Jeju instead via Cathay pacific on Jan.19,2020. As per korea embassy in Manila, wala magiging problema since Jeju is visa-free. I’m worried with Jeju Immigration if may problems ba akong maeencounter. So I’m asking for any advice with same experience kung successful silang nakapasok ng Jeju even with denied korea visa. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi! For a visa-free entry for transit tourists, is it possible to have a ticket that has free 24-hr cancellation? It’s basically a confirmed flight but you can still cancel it. I have OECD visas including US and AUS so do you think this will work? Will I get to stay in Korea visa-free?

    1. Is it indicated in the printed ticket that it’s only a confirmed flight? If yes, then it might raise some red flags.

  7. Hello,

    How soon can you re-apply for another VISA fro Korea? I was there November this year , 2019.
    Can i apply again for November 2020?

    Thank you 🙂

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