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Venus Zoleta is an experienced writer and editor for over 10 years, covering topics on personal finance, travel, government services, and digital marketing. Her background is in journalism and corporate communications. In her early 20s, she started investing and purchased a home. Now, she advocates financial literacy for Filipinos and shares her knowledge online. When she's not working, Venus bonds with her pet cats and binges on Korean dramas and Pinoy rom-coms.

146 thoughts on “How To Get Korean Visa in the Philippines: A Complete Guide for First-Time Visitors

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  7. Hi! I actually have multiple visa to korea? i got it 2 yrs ago….my daughter and her lolas applied for a korean visa last oct 2019 thru a travel agency, unfortunately they got denied…they just received their passport yesterday… however, the application was not submitted to the embassy…my question is, how will you know if the travel agency really submitted the application? Base on my experience way back 2014 when my korean visa got denied, there was a stamped at the back of my passport the date when tje application was received…it is just so strange, my daughters passport doesnt have any stamp or whatsoever and that the application is still intack.

  8. Hi! Thank you for the helpful information! Just wanna ask, is it possible to get approved if I missed to submit one of the requirements – bank statement. I have the bank certificate. I am a frequent traveler to US for the past 3 years until now. Would it give me a chance even if I forgot to submit a bank statement? Thank you for this!

    1. The Korean Embassy needs to see both documents–bank certificate and bank statement:

      However, they consider a lot of factors when reviewing an application so missing one requirement may not have a significant impact, provided that they look at the bigger picture. It really depends on who will review your application.

      What’s the status of your application?

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