What to Do if You Missed Your NBI Clearance Appointment

A missed NBI clearance appointment doesn’t always end up with the cancellation of your slot.

It depends on whether you’ve already paid the NBI clearance fee or not.

If you secured an online appointment but unable to pay the fee, it means you haven’t reserved the slot yet.

Therefore, your appointment will be automatically cancelled after failing to pay on time and you will be required to choose another available date.

On the other hand, if you’re able to secure an online appointment and pay the NBI clearance fee on time, your slot will not be cancelled right away in case you miss your appointment.

According to the NBI Clearance Help Desk, you have 15 days from your original appointment date to show up at your chosen NBI Clearance branch and process your application.

Just don’t forget to bring the requirements including the Official Receipt.

Failure to go to the NBI Clearance Center within this 15-day grace period will nullify your payment and application.

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