Can PWDs Work for the Government?

Absolutely! In fact, the government strongly encourages all persons with disabilities (PWDs) to apply for positions they’re qualified for.

The government practices the Equal Opportunity for Employment Principle under Republic Act 10524. It means that PWDs have the same access to employment opportunities and the same benefits and privileges as those enjoyed by able-bodied people.

RA 10524 also mandates the government to reserve at least 1% of all positions in its agencies, offices, or corporations for PWDs.

Aside from PWDs, the Equal Opportunity for Employment Principle also applies to other marginalized groups in the country, such as members of indigenous communities and people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions (SOGIE).

Also, the Civil Service Commission’s latest rules on appointments explicitly ban discrimination in the selection of employees based on disability and other criteria such as age, sexual orientation, civil status, religion, ethnicity, and political affiliation.

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