How to Claim an Unclaimed NBI Clearance

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NBI clearances are usually printed and issued on the day of the applicant’s appointment.

However, when your application gets a “HIT” status, the NBI clearance will not be issued until a few days or weeks later.

“HIT” happens when you share the same name with somebody else on the database or when your name returns a suspicious result. The delay is part of the standard procedure to ensure that you simply have a namesake and not involved in any criminal activity.

In most cases, the “HIT” isn’t suspicious in nature and you will be asked to return on a certain date to claim your NBI clearance. Due to their demanding schedules, however, most of the applicants are unable to return on the date specified.

Fortunately, an unclaimed NBI clearance remains valid for one year from the date of issuance. Hence, you can claim it anytime within that time frame without any problem. 

To claim your unclaimed NBI clearance, go back to the NBI Clearance branch where you originally applied and present the reference number (which you can obtain from the email confirmation sent to you or by logging in to your NBI Clearance account and selecting “Transactions” on the menu).

Once the reference number has been verified, your NBI clearance will be printed on the spot.

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