Where can I find government jobs in the Philippines?

You can easily find plenty of government job openings through traditional job search methods and different websites.

Here are the common ways to check for job opportunities in the Philippine government.

1. Job fairs.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) holds online and offsite government job fairs every September in line with its anniversary celebration. Different government agencies accept job applications during CSC career fairs.

Joining the CSC job fairs allows job seekers to explore a lot of career options in the government and ask recruiters hiring-related questions.

The CSC requires applicants to bring the government job application requirements, which will undergo an initial screening.

2. Job postings on bulletin boards.

The Human Resources (HR) Management Division of government offices is required to post job vacancies in three conspicuous places such as bulletin boards within the premises.

So if there’s a certain government agency you’d like to work for, check its bulletin board for notices of vacancies. The same goes for when you want to apply for a job in a government hospital or a state college or university.

3. Referrals.

Got friends who work in the government? Ask about any open position and how to apply for a job in their agency.

If you’re a graduating college student, you may ask your professors if they know of any job openings in the government.

Using your network to learn about government job openings doesn’t mean you’re getting your friends (and whoever is in your network) as backers. It just entails getting leads as to where you can apply for a government job.

4. Newspapers.

Although newspapers are becoming almost obsolete nowadays, these can also be a good source of information regarding job openings in government agencies. There may be newspapers lying around your home or office. Check out the classified ads section—it might have the ad of your dream job in the government.

5. Civil Service Commission Job Portal.

The CSC website is a great place to find a wide range of vacancies in the government. Various agencies send their job postings to the CSC, which compiles them in an online job portal.

Through the CSC job portal, finding your desired government job is easy. You can filter search results by position, government agency, and region (where you’d like to be assigned).

Note that the CSC does not accept job applications for the vacant positions listed on its job portal. If you’re interested in an open position, send your application directly to the concerned agency.

6. Careers page of government websites.

A convenient way to find a job in a government agency is to visit its official website and check the Careers page, which contains a job listing with all the information you need to know about every job opening.

7. Facebook page of government agencies.

This is the fastest way to be updated on the job openings of government agencies you want to work for. A lot of agencies post their vacancies on their official Facebook page.

Simply follow the Facebook page of the agencies you’re interested in. To see the job ads on Facebook as soon as they’re posted, go to the agency’s home page, click the ‘Following’ button, and choose “See First.” This ensures all posts of that agency, including job postings, will always appear on top of your news feed.

8. Job search websites.

Different government agencies are partnering with online job search platforms—such as JobStreet.com, Kalibrr, and PhilJobNet—to make civil service jobs more accessible to the public.

Apart from having access to government job listings, users can also send their applications directly through the website. To do so, you just need to have an account with a job search site.

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