How To Open a BDO Savings Account in the Philippines as a Foreigner

Foreigners who have been staying in the Philippines for less than 180 days can apply for a dollar/foreign currency savings account with ease since the requirements aren’t as rigid.

If you want to open a regular peso account, however, you should prove to BDO that you’ve been staying in the Philippines for at least 180 days.

This is the reason why BDO and other Philippine banks require foreigners to present 2 valid IDs (photocopy and original) upon application:

  • Foreign passport with characters that are written in or translated into English.
  • Alien Certificate of Registration ID Card (ACR I-Card) / Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR).

Save for the two valid IDs above, the requirements and application procedures are basically the same for foreigners. 

Among the requirements, the ACR I-Card is the most difficult to obtain since it’s only issued to those with long-term visa.

However, the Bureau of Immigration can also issue you an ACR I-Card for tourist, provided that you apply for a visa extension to show your intention to stay in the Philippines for more than 59 days.

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