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82 thoughts on “How to Register in Pag IBIG: A Complete Guide to Pag IBIG Online Registration

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    1. Here’s how to recover your Pag-IBIG number:

  2. Nag register PO ako sa online registration tapos Nung isasubmit ko na po sya biglang bumagal ung net bumalik nanaman ako sa unag step tapos nung nag pi pilled up na po ulit ako naka register na daw po ung info ko pero Wala pa po pumapasok sa email ko na pagibig number ko

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  5. Is it just me or the online registration gets stuck t “Processing…Please wait”. Is there anything wrong I’m using Windows 10, Google Chrome latest version. I also tried using Internet Explorer stll no luck

  6. Why only new members are allowed to create ONLINE registration?
    Why can’t we members cannot view our status of contribution and loan online?

    1. You can create a Virtual Pag-IBIG account where you can view all of your records and do transactions online.

      Read all about it here:

  7. I’m done with the online registration. Na sent ko nadin yung RTN ko sakanila pero walang reply. Wala silang binigay na Pag-Ibig number. What should i do? .

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