The Ultimate NMAT Reviewer in Printable PDF (Free Download)

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Your journey to become a doctor starts with choosing the right medical school.

Of course, you want to obtain your medical education from a reputable institution with a good track record in terms of board exam performance.

But if your goal is to enroll in one of the country’s best medical schools, there’s one exam you have to excel in first: none other than the NMAT.

Administered twice a year, the National Medical Admission Test is a mandatory time-pressured aptitude exam given to everyone who wants to enter a Doctor of Medicine program in the Philippines. You can learn more about it here.

UP Manila, UERM, PLM, and other top-performing medical schools each have their own NMAT cutoff scores. The higher your score, the more chances you have of getting into your dream school. And if you want to get your absolute best score in NMAT, preparation is the key.

This brings us to a free e-book we’ve worked so hard to complete.


Introducing the free NMAT reviewer in printable PDF.

Looking for a free NMAT reviewer? We’ve got you covered.

Packed inside a printable PDF, our NMAT reviewer contains questions and answers we’ve compiled from various sources. It covers all subjects as well as the exact number of questions included in the actual NMAT.

Before you download it, however, make sure you’ve already read our free study tips and answered our free practice tests. The latter will serve as a diagnostic exam to help you gauge how much you know and which areas/subjects you need to focus more on.

We’re currently working on a complete NMAT review notes that you can also download and print to serve as your study guide. For now, what we can offer you is a free NMAT mock exam that you can take once you’re done with your initial review.

To access the free NMAT reviewer in printable PDF, simply click this link. You can also right-click it and then click “Save link as..”


What’s inside this free NMAT reviewer?

This free e-book contains the following:

  • Tips and tricks to get 90+ percentile score in NMAT
  • 40 questions (and answers) on Verbal subtest
  • 40 questions (and answers) on Inductive Reasoning subtest
  • 40 questions (and answers) on Quantitative subtest
  • 40 questions (and answers) on Perceptual Acuity subtest
  • 50 questions (and answers) on Biology subtest
  • 50 questions (and answers) on Physics subtest
  • 50 questions (and answers) on Social Science subtest
  • 50 questions (and answers) on Chemistry subtest

Since it’s in PDF format, you can download this NMAT reviewer and either print it or simply read it in any device with a PDF reader. For more tips on answering multiple-choice questions in NMAT, read this.


Why give it away for free?

Simple: We love giving free stuff.

It is and always has been our advocacy here in FilipiKnow to add value to our readers’ lives by giving quality information for free, whether it’s in the form of an in-depth how-to guide, a listicle, a trivia, or a reviewer such as this one.

More importantly, doctors are one of the backbones of society and through this NMAT reviewer, we want to contribute even in a small way in encouraging aspiring doctors to take part in serving the country.

If you or anyone you know is taking the NMAT, please share this free NMAT reviewer. We also encourage you to share your thoughts/comments/suggestions/corrections/answer explanations in the comment section below so we can create a small vibrant community that can benefit all future examinees.

Good luck!

Download the free NMAT reviewer here


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  1. Sir it’s no longer available. The downwloaded file is not opening :'(

    If u don’t mind. Can u send it on my email? I will take the exam this coming Augb13,2020

    Here my email : [email protected]

    1. Please try again. We’ve reuploaded the file to fix the errors. I tried it both on my phone and laptop and it worked.

      1. Hello thank you for your response but sadly i donwloaded it again but it’s not opening. Idk what to do.

      2. Make sure you have the latest Adobe pdf reader installed on your computer.

    1. It’s working on our end. Please try again on a different device. Make sure you have the latest pdf reader installed.

  2. Thank you very much Filipiknow for reaching out and paying it forward. All the best for you. God bless you!

    1. It’s working on our end. Please try again on a different device. Make sure you have the latest pdf reader installed.

  3. WOW! You are AMAZING! Last time i checked here, this free reviewer was still not available. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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