NMAT Verbal Answer Key

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1. C.

Explanation: Someone who is HARRIED, or stressed, by definition lacks EQUANIMITY, or serenity. Likewise, someone who is DISSOLUTE, meaning lacking moral restraint, by definition lacks MODERATION.


2. B.

Explanation: Laconic is characterized by a lack of words, and parched is characterized by a lack of moisture.


3. C.

Explanation: Wheat is an antonym of chaff, and quality is an antonym of inadequacy.


4. B.

Explanation: A cushion is a part of a sofa, and a shelf is part of a bookcase.


5. C.

Explanation: Mean is a synonym for average, and kind is a synonym for variety.


6. C.

Explanation: Aesop is known for writing fables, and Homer is known for writing epics.


7. A.

Explanation: To outrage is more intense than to peeve, and to strive is more intense than to attempt.


8. A.

Explanation: To slight causes hurt, and to lag causes tardiness.


9. A.

Explanation: Furtive is more intensely secret, and resonant is more intensely audible.


10. B.

Explanation: Privy is sharing in a secret, and sympathetic is sharing in grief.


11. B.


12. B.


13. B.


14. A.


15. A.


16. A.


17. B.


18. B.


19. B.

20. D.


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